Hello WordPress Plugin World :)

This is the first post at WP Plugins 2.0.

Back in the day we used to be a storefront for WordPress plugin authors looking to sell premium plugins, we got covered in Techcrunch, made people a lot of money and had a grand old time.

We even got a legal threat from Apple about using the ‘app store’ tag, lol.

However, the problem was that we were premium plugin authors ourselves over at WPMU DEV so there was just a teeny weeny conflict of interest.

So, we paid everyone out and closed down the original store.

But now we’re back, with a much simpler proposition… provide a platform where WordPress plugin authors can meet WordPress plugin buyers.

So, if you’ve got that nice little plugin that you’ve been maintaining for 4 years, has 100k active installs but you just don’t have the time for any more… well, we can find you the perfect home that’ll lovingly care for it and also hand you an ice pile of cash for the privilege.

Or, if you are looking for an entry into the WordPress World, an opportunity to market your theme or hosting service or simply think that you can either create a premium service or improve an existing one… here’s where you can make that purchase.

The price for you so far, absoltely nothing, it’s completely free.

And private too!

If you’re selling we’ll only share the information you provided to us with verified buyers and buyers, we’ll never share your information with any third party without your express permission.

You can either sell through an auction (with a private or public reserver) and/or with a ‘buy it now’ price.

And we’ll hold the funds in Escrow for both parties until the transfer of ownership has been verified.

Our fee? Simple… 1% of the purchase price, paid by the buyer 🙂

Think of us as the Sedo for WordPress plugins… except with complete privacy and a 100% personalized service.

Any questions, just send us a message and we’ll start building an FAQ too.