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WPJobAds allows you to self-host your own Job Board. Whether you want to provide paid or free job listings, it's a perfect addition to your community or special interest blogs. Not only it has the potential to make you money, job ads are one type of ads your site visitors won't complain!


  • Paid listings with multiple price points and durations.
  • Free listings for certain type of jobs (e.g, volunteer jobs)
  • Unlimited job types and job categories.
  • You can set the job board to auto-approve ads or manually approve them.
  • Payments (if any) are handled automatically via PayPal's IPN, where you keep 100% of the profits.
  • Email notifications.
  • The plugin comes with 2 sidebar widgets. Visitors are able to search jobs based on its title, description, company, location and zip code.
  • RSS feeds for published job ads.
  • No template hacks necessary, it's basically plug-and-play.
  • Easily translatable to multiple languages -- a .po file is provided.
  • Lots of more advanced options available.

The Plugin contains extensive manual in HTML. There's also a live demo at

Tags : Advertising, paypal, Job Board, Job Ads, Classifieds