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Admin Extender adds cool functionalities to your WordPress admin area such as sorting your pages by drag&drop. This doesn't work only for pages, but for also posts, media and any other post types. You can also sort your frontpage posts to your preference! In the back-end, instead, your posts, pages, media etc. will be sorted based on the drag&drop order that you set.

It also allows you to go back to the list of your posts or pages every time you add/edit a post or a page.

Admin Extender makes your life easier when you work on the back-end of your site, saving you a lot of time to do the most common operations.


How long does it take to fix your site when you decide to change the order of your pages? To me...forever!

This is why i decided that the default WordPress isn't good enough for me. What i want is to save time when i do common operations such as ordering my pages or posts or other post types.

With Admin Extender you will love the possibility to drag & drop your posts or pages without having to open each single page just to change the order. Because you know that when you change have to change all the others to have a unique order for each page.


Something else i find quite annoying is that when i update a page, a post, or any other post type that i have installed..the page stays the same.

Several times i want to go back to my list of posts or pages, so that i can quickly pick another one and edit that too. Instead i have to manually open my list of posts and open the next one i want to edit. This could be fine, or was fine years ago, but now we all now that it's annoying when you have to do too many clicks, especially if you have to repeat the same operation again and again.

With Admin Extender you save time, when you add a page (post, etc.) and click on publish, that page will close, and you will be redirected to the whole list of pages (or posts etc.). Same thing when you edit the page and click on update.

You can turn this feature off if you want to.


  • Drag & Drop to change the order of:
    • pages
    • posts
    • media
    • any other post type
  • Redirect after insert/edit: when you click on publish or update you will be redirected back to the posts list. This works with:
    • pages
    • posts
    • any other post type


  • Tested with Wordpress 3.1+
  • PHP 5.2+


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Tags : drag, Drag and Drop, order, post order, page order