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Unless you want to show all your posts from all the categories on the same page, you will need to filter your posts and choose which ones should show on your frontpage and on other pages...

What can i do with this plugin?

By default with Wordpress all your posts will be displayed on the frontpage, or the posts page that you set. But what if you want to limit which posts you want to show on the frontpage? Or what if you want to dedicate a page of your blog to show only certain post categories? From the settings page just select the categories that you want to display and generate the shortcode that you can add to any page where you want to display those posts. For the homepage you don't need any shortcode, it will just work.

For pages other than home page you can choose the style of the posts title (h1, h2, h3, etc.)

From version 2.3.0 the post thumbnails have been made available. If your posts have thumbnails they will show, otherwise only the post content will be displayed.


Imagine to have a site where you sell products and you create a post for each product:

  • You can show on your home page only the posts that belong to the category "product" and you don't want to mix them with your news
  • You can use another page to show only those posts that belong to the category "News" etc.

WP Filter Posts Categories Demo

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