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WordPress 3.1+

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$ 32.00

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$ 3.00 p / month

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Why would i need such plugin?

This plugin allows you to transform your website or blog into a question & answer forum. This means that users will have more interest in coming back to your site exactly like they do on Yahoo Answers. They will see open questions and as it always happens, they will feel free to answer and ask new questions as well.

What advantages will it bring to me?

  • Obviously you will have more traffic. If you already have a decent traffic, it will increase tremendously because the more people visit your site, the more questions will be posted, the more people will be attracted to your site to answer.
  • Also, any question will be a new post on your site, and all the search engines will see that your blog is always updated, increasing your pagerank. An active website is very much considered by search engines.
  • The more questions are posted, the more new content you have on your site for free, the more searching result will list your site!


From the settings page you can control and change ANY string that the plugin shows on the site. If your site is not in english, no worries, just change the strings!

How does it compare to other similar Q&A plugins/themes?

If you search on the internet you will find some other "WP Answers", but you will notice that they come with the theme. That means that if you have an established site with your favorite theme, you will have to switch. Instead THIS is a PLUGIN and like all the plugins you can just install it on any site, it doesn't matter which theme you have. You can still keep your theme and it will work, avoiding to have to have the same theme that all the other people have!

Main features

Front End

  • Only registered users can ask/answer questions
  • Every user starts with a certain amount of points (also users that registered before WP Answers! was installed)
  • Every question has a cost (in points)
  • Every answer earns you points
  • Every best answer earns you more points
  • Every time the author of a question chooses the best answer he or she earns points and can leave a comment to the best answer
  • Askers can add details to their open questions
  • Users can add other users to their friends list
  • Profile page for each user


  • You have to choose which page you want WP Answers! to be attached to (there will be a page dedicated to WP Answers! while the rest of your blog/site will remain the same)
  • You can set how many points users start with, the cost of a question, and how many points are earned for each answer and best answer
  • You can edit and change all the labels, titles, messages that WP Answers! shows to the users. This means that WP Answers! can be easily adapted to ANY language
  • You can decide if users will be notified by email when they receive a new answer of when their answer has been chosen as best answer
  • Anything you type in the page that hosts the plugin will display on the front end (try to test!)
  • A Widget is provided to allow users to log in and manage their profile
  • You can change the layout color


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  1. WP Plugins Pool

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