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WordPress 3.1+

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$ 25.00

Support & Upgrades:

$ 10.00 p / 6 months

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WordBridge Pro adds extra functionality to our popular WordBridge component. You can see a product demo video at

WordBridge Pro enables you to create and publish blog posts on your WordPress site and have them automatically appear on your Joomla-based web site. It provides all the features of free WordBridge, plus: - Support for WordPress sites installed on your own server/hosting account - Technical support to help you resolve issues - Advanced notice of new features, updates, functionality - Suitable for web designers using plugin for client sites

WordBridge features: - Simple set-up, just configure WordBridge with your blog URL(s) - Blog formatting uses your Joomla template and stylesheets - Can dynamically re-display by WordPress category or tag - Can merge different WordPress blogs into one site - URL links are SEO-friendly

To access our source code and other related development work visit our GitHub site.

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